PC Pulse – Comprehensive Protection for your Computer and Data

Protecting your PC does not have to be complicated. PC Pulse makes it easy!

Monitoring, Antivirus and Cloud Backup in One!

PC Pulse is an all-in-one computer protection platform, including a Health Monitoring component, industry leading Antivirus and an Enterprise level Cloud Backup system.

Our system was founded with the intent of bringing to the home PC user the same computer monitoring and data protections that are used by Fortune 500 companies and making it as easy as possible. Everyone knows you need an Antivirus solution and our BitDefender based solution is one of the most effective AV scanning engines in the industry. But having Antivirus software is just the beginning; a comprehensive backup process is crucial for true data protection. A local backup is a good start, but a Cloud Backup solution is absolutely critical to be certain that your electronic data is truly protected.

PC Pulse Uses an All-In-One Approach

PC Pulse is a bundled product that includes:

Comprehensive PC Monitoring

Industry-leading Managed Antivirus

Automatic Daily Cloud Backup

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The foundation of the PC Pulse System is our Health Monitoring Agent (HMA) that oversees key components, functions, and the overall operating status of your computer.  This is paired with state-of-the-art, Managed Antivirus software to protect your valuable data from outside attacks.  As an final level of protection, the important files and data on your computer are automatically backed up to a secure Cloud Storage on a daily basis.

The combination of these three services will give you peace of mind that regardless of any catastrophic event, your documents, photos, and files can easily be recovered at any time.