About PC Pulse

A New Approach to Protection

PC Pulse brings a new approach to protecting home computers from the many viruses that exist today, as well as from the new threats that have come to light.  In 2013, a new shadow business emerged on the Internet, and it is now costing consumers and businesses alike hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars every year. That business model is pretty simple: Infect computer systems and encrypt (lock) the data that resides there, then demand a ransom to obtain a key that will decrypt the data. Thus, the common name: Ransomware

The Concept from Experience

PC Pulse grew out of an idea that the owner, John Henderson, had when a close friends’ computer was infected with a Ransomware virus. This friend was even more diligent than most home users in that they had an external drive plugged into the computer to perform periodic backups, but since the drive was plugged into the PC when the virus struck, the data on that drive was encrypted as well, rendering the backups useless. All their data was lost forever. Years of family photos and videos of weddings, vacations, childbirths. All gone. John had a solution that had been working for his business customers for years.  Could that system used by professionals be tailored to the consumer environment? The answer is Yes!

Avoid Data Loss

If a system becomes infected and there’s no current backup then quite simply, you are out of luck.  You’ll be forced to pay a ransom to get your data back. This is assuming that paying the ransom is even an option as many Ransomware viruses are time-limited – if you don’t respond with a certain time, the decryption key is deleted.  This is the scenario John’s friend found themselves in. If that’s the case, then you will be permanently locked out of your own files. It’s a quite distressing situation to find yourself in as an individual, and for as a business, it can be the end of the line.

Trusted Experience

John has worked as a technology consultant and has been protecting businesses from these types of threats for over 20 years. When his friends’ data was lost forever, he wanted to find a way to help keep other people from experiencing the same heartbreak.

So, he set out to find a way to utilize the same technology that businesses have been using for years and to tailor that protection for home or small business computers.