Frequently Asked Questions

The PC Pulse Cloud Backup service is limited to 500GB per subscription. If you have this much data to backup the initial backup may take several days to complete, depending on your internet connection. Once the initial backup is complete, subsequent backups will perform “incremental” backups that will target only files that have changed since the last backup.

The Cloud Backup service is configured to run on a nightly basis starting at 11PM and running until complete. If a backup is interrupted, or if the PC is turned off when the backup was scheduled to start, the backup process will initiate when the PC is turned on and connected to an internet service. It is definitely advisable to leave your PC on for several days after the initial installation to allow the first backup time to complete.

The Cloud Backup service is associated with your computer using an encrypted, randomized 1056-bit hexidecimal key. The key is created automatically when the Cloud Backup component is installed and it creates a direct link from your PC, to the cloud storage location. This process is completely automated and impossible to intercept. The backup process itself uses this encryption key to create and upload a backup file from your PC to the cloud storage location. Even if someone were able to discern the exact location of your backup file in the cloud, they would only have access to an encrypted file.

Yes, subscription renewal notifications are sent out via email. For annual subscriptions, the renewal notification is sent out 1-week in advance of renewal and 3-days in advance for monthly subscriptions.

When you purchase a PC Pulse subscription, an account is automatically created on the PC Pulse website. You can modify your subscription by logging in to your account from the Account page of the PC Pulse website. Account modifications include cancellations. Please note that for annual subscriptions, refunds for cancellations will be pro-rated using the monthly subscription rate, and any coupons used during the initial purchase will be nullified. For monthly subscriptions, cancellations will round to the end of the current 30-day period.

Cancellation of a given subscription will take effect at the end of the current 30-day billing cycle for the subscription. At the end of the billing cycle, the PC and backup set associated with that PC are removed from our systems. Once this removal has been processed, data recovery is no longer possible.

No. The HMA only has access to a couple of specific backend services that run on your computer. PC Pulse does not have the ability to monitor your internet usage or have access to any personal information.

Restoring files from the Cloud Backup agent is very simple – see the “Cloud Backup” information page for specific steps.

The answer depends on how large your hard drive actually is. See the “HMA Warnings” page for information on fixing common issues.

The PC Pulse Managed Antivirus program will not be installed if it detects that another AV program is on the system. This is because it is not advisable to have more than one Antivirus application on a computer as they can conflict with each other and cause problems. All other antivirus programs will need to be uninstalled from your computer before the PC Pulse Managed Antivirus program will be installed.

Once a computer has been infected with a virus, it needs to go through a mitigation process to remove the virus before data is restored. Unfortunately, some viruses are more destructive than others and more work may need to be done to repair your computer before data can be restored. In some instances, the computer Operating System and required applications will need to be completely reinstalled. A local computer repair location may need to become involved. Once the virus has been fully mitigated, restoring your files is very easy with the Cloud Backup application. See the “Cloud Backup” information page for specific steps.