The PC Pulse Protection System

PC Pulse uses a Health Monitoring Agent as a platform to install our Managed Antivirus and Cloud Backup components. This simplifies the security and maintenance of your computer.

The Health Monitoring Agent is the foundation of the PC Pulse Protection System. This agent is able to look at key components on your computer and determines their status, then send you a daily email.  The HMA looks at the following items:

  • Available space on your local hard drives.  Are they almost full? Low disk space, especially on the local C: drive, can cause significant performance issues.
  • Are your local hard drives reporting any issues? The HMA can look at the drives S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) status to detect potential failures.
  • Are hackers trying to access your computer? The HMA analyzes log files for failed login attempts.
  • Are there any critical services on your PC that aren’t working? Back-end services that aren’t starting could cause potential problems.
  • Is your PC logging critical errors in the background that could indicate a problem?

In addition to the Health Monitoring capabilities, the HMA also gives you access to industry leading Antivirus and Cloud Backup protection for your PC.

A key component of the PC-Pulse product that is installed via the Health Monitoring Agent is powerful industry leading Antivirus Software based on the powerful Bitdefender scanning engine but streamlined to run quietly in the background and obtain signature updates multiple times per day.

One of the most important components of the PC Pulse protection system is the Cloud Backup program that will automatically protect all of your important electronic files and data from viruses, theft of your computer or even basic hardware failures. See our Ransomware Protection page for information about how viruses have become extremely destructive over the past few years and how you could be at risk, even if you have a local backup.